In an almost forgotten time humans lived on a world wrought with war, famine, pestilence and death. Seeking the survival of their species, the brightest of their kind constructed a portal to another planet collapsing it behind them to leave their doomed world behind.

In hopes to gain a foothold on this new world humans put their technology and industrial efficiency to use cultivating the land and gathering resources. Humans believed the new land to be a utopia as the world gave up precious materials and fertile lands for crops.

Still aliens to this world the common races watched carefully less then eager to make contact with these gluttonous humanoids. To the natives of Gaia these humans were vile in nature and resembled the prophecy of evil that would destroy Gaia. With the beckoning of the Primordial Lords and the Gaian natives banded together to sever this cancer from the flesh of their World Mother and consume mankind in war once more.

At first human technology gave them an edge over the natives cutting swathes through their ranks with little effort. However, the natives of Gaia had powers by the likes no human had ever witnessed. Wielding the power of magic and calling on beings from other dimensions the humans were thrown back and pinned to the city they called home. Few resources remained and their technology nearly shattered, survival seemed bleak.

Before the final blow was struck the fateful arrival of the Oracles graced mankind with a boon of sanctuary. These great wyrms bestowed otherworldly knowledge onto all mortals, detailing that man and the natives of Gaia would not be able to survive the true evil destined to devour the World Mother.

Many years have passed and a fragile alliance stands, as the hate for man has not died in the hearts of Gaian natives.


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