• Brax (Legend)

    Brax (Legend)

    Strong and deadly, what else needs to be said?
  • Farmer (Dead x2)

    Farmer (Dead x2)

    Sometime naive, yet honest. A binder of beings from worlds over.
  • Giba (Dead)

    Giba (Dead)

    Passed into the memories of his people. Giba was once a proud and vicious warrior amongst the initiates.
  • Lucky (MIA)

    Lucky (MIA)

    Seemingly harmless and surprisingly mischevious.
  • Markus (Dead)

    Markus (Dead)

    The brave fallen ranger. A friend lost.
  • Myrannin (Corrupted) Myrai

    Myrannin (Corrupted) Myrai

    Graceful, zealous, and beautiful. She wields the wrath of the heavens with conviction.
  • Redrockan (MIA)

    Redrockan (MIA)

    A mysterious wyrmling from the Isle of Oracles, forgotten by his kin.
  • Zabub (MIA)

    Zabub (MIA)

    Deft, impulsive, and exceedingly agile. A goblin best left in plain sight.
  • Garagos Fellhorn

    Garagos Fellhorn

    A vicious savage, claiming himself the king of the badlands.
  • Jed


    A lone wanderer, seeking fortune and glory.
  • Kanaros Earthshield

    Kanaros Earthshield

    The sole king of the mountain all dwarves call home.
  • Kestra Starstrider

    Kestra Starstrider

    A keeper of astral lore and the secrets of her people.
  • Mia Troulevere

    Mia Troulevere

    Documented as the first human to wield the arcane mysteries and power.
  • Mortuous


    In the cold wastes a lone being has a firm grasp over the reaches of nether and the land he inhabits.
  • Rage


    A fallen warrior and leader of the Snake-Eater clan.
  • Terra Sunreaver

    Terra Sunreaver

    The cunning and brave guildmaster of Guardians.
  • Zenith


    Holy scion of the Ether, who sacrificed his body to restore the Nether Spawn from their mindless bloodlust.